Social Media Enterprise.

This post is mostly from Enterprise 2.0 by Niall Cook (2008)

SLATES is the acronym which describes an important characteristics of enterprise 2.0

S – Search

Knowledge employees have to know where the information is. The information of what they are looking for. For example, the navigation thorough key words.

L- Links

Links is very important since it is like road sign that knowledge employees have to look when they want to find specific information. Therefore, search engines that have accurate links will lead knowledge employees find information easily and precisely.

A- Authoring

It is important that enterprise has to acknowledge the work of knowledge employees. Since, knowledge employees love to author of their creation. If authoring is available, collective work would be possible.

T- Tags

Tags is just as important as links. It is boundary for search result. Tags will enable knowledge workers to find the information they most wanted.

E – Extensions

Links, Authoring and Tags will make the information extended. It means that the information will be built as relationship. Since, it allows to track patterns of information.

S – Signals

Signals help knowledge workers when alerting new information created. This will enable knowledge workers work faster and motivate to work.