Cree Inc. is the one of the largest Business to Business lighting companies in the world. Cree Inc. is using social media to establish great interaction between company and customers.

According to Jeffery Cohen in Social media, stated that Cree Inc. is promoting many products through social media such as, Facebook and Twitter.

The aim of Cree Inc. social media is interaction. Cree Inc at Cree Inc revolution webpage introduces a example when there are  bad lights is office, how dreadful to work there. By showing this, Cree Inc, promotes their products but also interacting with customers. Moreover, there is energy calculator on Cree Inc. blog which can shows why businesses need LED lights.




Social Media Enterprise.

This post is mostly from Enterprise 2.0 by Niall Cook (2008)

SLATES is the acronym which describes an important characteristics of enterprise 2.0

S – Search

Knowledge employees have to know where the information is. The information of what they are looking for. For example, the navigation thorough key words.

L- Links

Links is very important since it is like road sign that knowledge employees have to look when they want to find specific information. Therefore, search engines that have accurate links will lead knowledge employees find information easily and precisely.

A- Authoring

It is important that enterprise has to acknowledge the work of knowledge employees. Since, knowledge employees love to author of their creation. If authoring is available, collective work would be possible.

T- Tags

Tags is just as important as links. It is boundary for search result. Tags will enable knowledge workers to find the information they most wanted.

E – Extensions

Links, Authoring and Tags will make the information extended. It means that the information will be built as relationship. Since, it allows to track patterns of information.

S – Signals

Signals help knowledge workers when alerting new information created. This will enable knowledge workers work faster and motivate to work.

Ford – Social media


As you know, Ford has been a big player in a car industry. Moreover, there are many legends about Ford which tells us that the history of Ford is very long. The company Ford always has adapted changing market environment which is one of strengths Ford has.

Recently, Ford is trying to adapt to new environment again which is social media.

According to Jeff Bullas at, Ford is approaching customers with every social media tool that the company can find.

Ford is using Facebook, Twitter,blog, and Youtube to engage customers more closely.

Moreover, Ford is putting this social media together and launched Ford Social.

Ford social enables customers to cooperate which is one of social media characteristics. Ford actually listens what customers say and reacts immediately. In addition, Ford is sharing many contents with customers, so the company could get new ideas.

Therefore, Ford can be example to many companies who wants to establish new product.



Zappos is the most shoes selling online company in America. Zappos is the company where you can get any kind of shoes around the world. Moreover, the company is getting bigger and bigger over the year.

Zappos is using social media to expand and control the company according to customer’s satisfaction.

One of social media classifications is communication. Without the communication between customers and company, It is just like walking in the amazon with your eyes are closed.

However, Zappos used social media which is Facebook to maintain and expanding its size.

According to Heather Leonard in the Business Insider Austraila article, Zappos increased 85,000 visits to its retail website for two month. Since they opened Facebook page and try to communicate with customers, it increased customers. Moreover, customer loyalty has also increased. The customer who visited through Facebook usually comes back thorough same route.

Therefore, social media can be powerful tool to establish and expand company if you can use it well. Moreover, this can be good news for start up company, since it is very hard to enter the market. However, social media could offer the golden ticket to enter the market easily

Martell Home builders


Martell Home builders is the company that build homes in America.

Recently, Martell Home builders has successfully expand its business by using social media.

In the article of Jason Falls in Social Media explorer, he wrote about Martell Home builders.

He mentioned that how Martell Home builders has successfully used social media.

One of social media classifications is collaboration.

Martell executed this communication with customers through social media very well.

Martell Home builders have used  Group Hub to make customers contribute on project and communicate with customers.

This is clear example of using social media to make collaboration.

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Social media and social software

Social media is very broad term. However, we are using social media every day.

Then. what is social media?

The characteristics of social media can be divided into four.

1. Social media is peripheral activity

2. It is many to many relationship instead of one to many

3. Transparency (there are no secrets)

3. Disruption (Blurring of boundaries between personal and professional lives)

Firstly, Peripheral activity

Social media usually happens at the edge of internet’s main stream

It means that the information would be available those who only follows it’s stream.

This indicates that social media stays around web properties not in web properties such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter etc.

Therefore, it is very hard to CEO to acknowledge social media.

Secondly, the relationship of social media is many to many relationship.

Most of websites which is not included social media is one to many relationship.

It means that the content contribution is given by the request of users.

However, social media encourages users to contribute contents. It gives authority to change content. For example, Wikipedia gives authority to users to edit information.

Transparency is third characteristics of social media.

There is no secrets in social media. Personal things can be exposed or shown to others with consent of the uploader.

For example, company can track down trends of people when it establishes new project by research on Facebook or Twitter.

Lastly, disruption is the final characteristic of social media.

It blurs boundaries between personal and professional lives.

For example, every can be reporter in News if they use social media. If a person walking by car crash site, they can record video with mobile phone and upload that file on to Youtube.

Therefore, social media is very broad term, but it is very specific term. We use it everyday but we do not even recognise we are surrounded by it.

Acknowledging Cook (2008)