Zappos is the most shoes selling online company in America. Zappos is the company where you can get any kind of shoes around the world. Moreover, the company is getting bigger and bigger over the year.

Zappos is using social media to expand and control the company according to customer’s satisfaction.

One of social media classifications is communication. Without the communication between customers and company, It is just like walking in the amazon with your eyes are closed.

However, Zappos used social media which is Facebook to maintain and expanding its size.

According to Heather Leonard in the Business Insider Austraila article, Zappos increased 85,000 visits to its retail website for two month. Since they opened Facebook page and try to communicate with customers, it increased customers. Moreover, customer loyalty has also increased. The customer who visited through Facebook usually comes back thorough same route.

Therefore, social media can be powerful tool to establish and expand company if you can use it well. Moreover, this can be good news for start up company, since it is very hard to enter the market. However, social media could offer the golden ticket to enter the market easily


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